I Do Things

Just like everyone else, I'm busy. My security work is not available publicly, but if you are interested please reach out and we will talk. Below are a few samples of my projects that are completed and publicly accessible. If you would like to see a more traditional Resume please click here.

I present on security topics internally after completing research. Lately I've been exploring badges/badge readers and the ways to work around physical security with them. I may occasionally post my research that is suitable for public consumption.

Below are my older projects, although this isn't my current focus if I have the time available I may take on more web work or sysadmin work.

  1. Server administration, layout, and maintenance:
    Estate Sales Help - Helping families with estate sales when the need arises. Offering the most supportive service in the industry for when families need it.
  2. Visual design and layout:
    So-Called Dollar - A very interesting subset of coin collecting, full of great photos, a discussion board, and the opportunity to learn about and even buy some of these fascinating collectibles.
  3. Visual design, layout, and maintenance:
    Gentle Birthway - A wonderful resource for families having a new baby. Supporting families throughout the child bearing years with child birth and infant massage education, labor and postpartum support, and resources.
    Tasty Occasions - This is the place to go if your looking for Organic and Fair Trade goodies baked fresh for your next gathering in the greater Sacramento area.